Salt-melter (1)

Power Electronics & instumentation Systems:

  • High power semiconductor based systems up to 2.5MW levels and 4500V.
  • Fast Thyristor based medium frequency resonant inverter systems for heating.
  • And metal melting applications up to 3 KHZ.


IGBT based 3 to 20 KHz heating equipment up to 75 KW:

  • The illustration shows a continuous induction salt melter operating on closed

          loop controlled temperature for melting continuously salt for for electrolysis.

  • Four quadrant servo control drives for motion control.


PC/PLC based automation:

  • Power electronic drives for BLDC and Stepper motors.
  • PLC/PC based automation for industrial applications.
  • Custom built Graphical MMI interfaces for industrial use.


Microcontroller,ASIC and PCB design platform design capability:

  • 8051 based microcontroller systems for industrial applications.
  • Cypres CPLD ASIC development for industrial applications.
  • Actel / Microsemi FPGA development system using SmartFusion architecture.


ASIC design platform:

  • Complete development using SmartFusion architecture of Microsemi ( Actel).
  • ON chip microcontroller interface for combined Software and FPGA hardware

          high speed real-time applications.

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